*Hypnosis Can Help With...

Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Improve self-projection. Change negative behaviours into positive behaviours. Increase confidence and self-acceptance. Improve self-esteem. Manage difficult feelings.

The Smoking Habit:

Discover the motivation to quit smoking with minimal withdrawal symptoms, often in as little as one session.

Weight Management and Eating Problems:

Promote new eating habits. Motivate weight loss (or gain if necessary). Maintain desired goal weight. Boost energy and desire for exercise.

Sleep Problems:

Detach from the stresses of everyday life. Learn self-hypnosis to induce drowsiness. Awake refreshed with your batteries recharged.

Stress Management in All Aspects of Life:

Learn techniques to reduce stress and change specific behaviour patterns and thought processes. Reduce high blood pressure. Promote relaxation.

Public Speaking and/or Communication Problems:

Reduce blushing and deal with shyness. Feel more confident when communicating at any level. Improve interview techniques. Reduce stage fright and build presentation skills.

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fears and Phobias:

Deal with phobias. Reduce excessive fear of lifts, air travel, crowds, spiders, enclosed spaces, illness and many more everyday events to more natural levels. Breeze through your driving test. Learn to react differently in any situation. Manage your fears in a more effective way.


Achieve personal fulfilment through increased motivation. Expect and feel comfortable with success.

Learning Difficulties:

Increase educational potential, improve study habits, enhance memory and concentration. Instil positive attitude to learning. Improve exam techniques.

Sports Performance:

Refine athletic performance and improve technique. Reduce blocks. Cultivate strong focus. Create expectation of success and winning. Increase stamina and co-ordination. Improve attitude.

Personal Creativity:

Release blocked potential in areas such as writing, painting and performing arts. Improve insight, problem solving etc.

Health Management:

Ease the symptoms and reduce adverse effects of chronic conditions such as colitis, IBS, eczema and many more. Manage asthma and migraine. Ease skin disorders. Boost the immune system and promote natural healing.

Pain Management:

Control pain in chronic conditions such as arthritis and back problems. Ease post-operative pain.

Bad Habits:

Increase motivation. Become more positive. Change negative thought patterns. Release anger, grief and frustration.

Natural Childbirth:

Reduced pain, easier delivery and a more rapid recovery. A better experience for mother and baby.

Emotional and Physical Trauma:

Process and release traumatic or tragic life events. Age regression and past life regression. Future progression. Uncover repressed, emotionally charged memories.

*Disclaimer: Results will vary from person to person